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The Health and Fitness Benefits of Sports

Some points to spark creative thinking in younger children

Research says the primary five years of a child’s body the inspiration that shapes children’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement. No wonder, the closets, and cupboards, drawers, and chests at home, overflowing with toys of varied shapes, sizes, colors, and functionalities try to seek out breathing spaces. Children’s rooms are filled with the so-called Educational toys to uplift the space of critical thinking and reasoning abilities among young learners. Children reach home after school, to rush from one activity class to a different. In an increasingly competitive world, there’s less time for a kid to be a kid, within the process of losing out on creative experiences which helps to develop social, emotional, communication and thinking skills. “I am bored” is that the most dreaded statement among young parents. The sensation of “lack of excellent parenting skills” sets in and that we tend to make schedules and routines to make sure no time goes waste. What’s ironic is imaginative play frequently springs from boredom. Kids conquer boredom through their innovative and artistic ideas.

Keep in-between / vacant times during the day

At Global Tech International School, Bangalore we always advise the guardian when your child says “I am bored”, say “Great, meaning your brain is trying to find something interesting to do!!”
Creativity focuses on the method of forming original ideas through exploration and discovery. Every experience or exposure is a chance for kids to be ready to repose on their prior knowledge, to be ready to express, know, understand, feel, think, and do something that they haven’t been ready to do before. Good questions encourage children to think outside the box, developing creative problem-solving skills.

Share your failures

Play can be a very powerful creative tool. Smartphones, video games, and tablets or kids occupied in organized activities like soccer, violin lessons, and dance, do not fit the definition of play. Free play is the essence of early learning and freer the play, richer the learning outcomes for the child.

Scaffolding play for creative development

At our School Near Magadi Road , Bangalore we suggest to our guardians Observe play, ask relevant questions, record observations, provide support to achieve and pose challenges for further learning.

whenever possible, do your best to offer your child options for sharing knowledge

Art, dance, music, drama and therefore the likes, provide venues for young learners to display, creative self-expression and to speak and cooperate as they apply academic skills. Integrate these modes of creativity during the day and help your child to realize confidence and independence. Children don’t think their way to creative work, they work their way to creativity

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