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About Us

About Global Tech International SchoolNext Generation School

Global Tech International School is known for its unique way of teaching. We provide our students with ecological literacy, social and emotional literacy which is very rare in any other schools. This education is necessary to survive in a modern world where cutthroat competition is at every stage of life.

Your child deserves a quality education in this age of competition. The facilities which we provide are science laboratories, sports arena, hostel, mess, computer laboratory, and library. Our library is fully stocked with all the latest edition books and journals, books related to any subject can be easily found by students at the library. Theoretical knowledge should be put to practical use for a better understanding of the subjects so science and computer labs are provided. Free time in between the classes is utilized by students through the medium of sports and other physical activities. This purpose is served by the sports ground that we have and a sports house loaded with all kind of sports equipment. GTI has a lively environment with a supportive teaching and non-teaching staff to attend to every child.

Our Mission

GTI School aims at providing the highest quality education through its campus network and motivates students to understand and experience the joy of learning. Its main focus is on the ever important and vital period of early years that is elementary and high school education.

Our Vision

Empowering children to discover values through service learning, communication and conceptual thinking with imagination, creativity, and innovation, supported by responsibility and goal setting.

Happy Parents
Care of Students
We take great care to provide a safe environment for our students. Along with that, we conduct a parent’s workshop so that each of the parents can understand their child’s needs as every child is different
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