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Academics and Beyonds

The 21st-century world requires individuals should have multi-disciplinary skills and capabilities. This necessitates the provision of diverse learning opportunities to students during all stages of their schooling. GTIS curriculum includes eclectic and globally-relevant disciplines, such as

Arts and Creativity

Arts and creativity are very important for children, it develops their brain capacity and helps in their overall growth. Very few children have this talent. Global Tech International School nurtures this talent so that the child can showcase it on a bigger platform.

Ecological Literacy

Schools and institutions have a responsibility towards the children, not only teach them to read, write and learn but also about environmental awareness. Children must know how large-scale pollution has caused a major imbalance in the earth’s ecological structure. We educate the children, ways to mitigate this issue and to become a responsible global citizen.

Cyber Literacy

In today’s digital world, it is necessary that each and every child should have the knowledge of growing technology. Nowadays all the businesses are going online and a major part of the population is using technology for any personal and professional matters. Therefore, cyberliteracy is a must for today's generation kids so that they could enhance their skills and move towards a better future.

Physical Fitness And Health Literacy

With increasing competition in today’s world people tend to neglect their health which becomes a major concern later. Global Tech International School teaches children the ways to maintain their health so that they do not face any major issue later on.

Globalization And Multicultural Literacy

We live in a globally connected society. Children should be aware that values and culture are different in different parts of the world so that when they are exposed to a different culture, they do not face any problem. For this, our school makes them aware of different cultures of our society.

Social And Emotional Literacy

Every child should be educated about social and emotional pattern so that it helps them in the development of their interpersonal skills and they could deal with the ever-changing world in a proper manner.

Media Literacy

With media becoming a strong medium to convey any message or news, media literacy also becomes an important part of our curriculum.

Financial Literacy

With entrepreneurship and business becoming very strong around the world, a child should have financial literacy to understand the business scenario.

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